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The VLC media player was developed by VideoLAN and was initially released in the year 2001, around 16 years ago from now. Since then the app has been downloaded over one hundred seven million times. This is the most user-friendly media player. The VLC media supports almost all the audio and video formats (for example AVI, FLV, MXF, and other audio/video formats).

VLC player download for PC enables you to download this amazing app on your computer. The other operating systems like Android, Apple TV, macOS, iOS etc. also support the VLC player.

Features of VLC media player :

  • It available for download for free.
  • You can use the VLC media player as an online video downloader for downloading video files directly from the YouTube.
  • It is very efficient with both videos and audios. It also has a very good graphic equalizer in addition to the music play features
  • The latest versions the player supports the feature of dynamic range compression. Using this feature you can amplify the low sounds and subdue the very loud ones.
  • Sometimes when you play a video, there is a sudden increase in the volume. It is Irritating and discomforting. To prevent this sudden burst of volume, the VLC media player has the feature of video normalization.
  • The player also allows you to record your video chats directly.
  • VLC supports mouse gesture interactions.
  • You can change the settings of your VLC media player and configure it to close the app window and shut down the computer after the video gets over.
  • The player can be used to stream video or audio online, directly from the internet.
  • It supports conversion of media file formats and can also be used to compress a video for your mobile. If the format of the video is not supported, you can convert it to the supported format with the help of VLC.
  • Set up the integrated HTTP server of the VLC player and remotely control the media through your browser.
  • It also supports playing the internet radio and podcast streaming.

The huge number of useful features of VLC, make it the most widely used media player. Even if you are not using the VLC player for streaming videos from the internet, you can enjoy the video already on your computer for the best experience in watching videos with this media player.

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