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All of us have different a choice or preference when it comes to watching movies. Some people like to watch action movies, then there are others who have a soft corner for the romantic genre. But due to our fast-paced and hectic life we are not able to catch a glimpse of many movies. Also, quite a lot of people are not even aware as to which movie has been released recently and as such miss the chance to watch their favorite actors on the big screen.So, for all the hard-working beings here is the list of the top 5 action movies which are going to get released this year.

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1 – Ant-Man And The Wasp:-

Another fantastic movie produced and distributed by the well-known Marvel Studios, Ant Man And The Wasp is based on the Marvel comic characters of the same name created by Stan Lee. It is a sequel to the movie titled “Ant Man” which was released in the year 2015. Starring Evangeline Lilly and Paul Rudd in the leading roles, it is the one of the most awaited Marvel movie of this year.

2 – Skyscraper:-

Starring superstar Dwayne ‘ The Rock’ Johnson, Skyscraper is a movie about the tallest building in the world, known as “The Pearl”. There is a belief that this skyscrapers is unfathomable but as we known that all good things comes to an end, same goes for the pearl as well. And then comes The Rock to the rescue who has to save his family before the building collapse. You can download the movie on your smartphone as well with the Download Showbox Apk application.

3 – The Predator:-

One of the best and classic series of all times, “The Predator” is going to be released on 14th of September. This is the 4th movie of this franchise and is awaited by the fans. In the movie, the alien race known as predators visit our planet once more and humans have to fight against them so to survive.

4 – Venom:- 

2018 is the best year for all the Marvel fans as the next movie lined up for release in the month of September is “Venom”. Based on the comic character of the same name, Venom is Spider-Mas’s arch enemy and in this movie we will come to know how the symbiote came to Earth in the first place.

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